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Science Program [200.B1]

Admission Requirements

A student must satisfy the college general admission requirements and have the following pre-requisites:

  • Mathematics TS 5 or SN 5
  • Secondary 5 Physics (053504)
  • Secondary 5 Chemistry (051504)

Career and Study Opportunities

It is important to check university pre-requisites since they can differ among universities. Here are some examples of possible careers:

Architecture  Actuarial Sciences  Audiology 
Biochemistry  Biology  Chemistry 
Computer Science  Dentistry  Engineering 
Geology  Geomatics  Kinesiology 
Mathematics  Medicine  Microbiology 
Nursing  Nutrition  Occupational 
Optometry  Pharmacy  Physics 
Physiotherapy  Therapy  Veterinary Medicine 


Program Features

  • Choice between Health and Pure & Applied Science in the second year
  • Highly qualified faculty with research degrees and experience
  • A faculty available to students outside of classes
  • Extensive research projects in laboratories, especially in the final semester
  • Access to a wide variety of English books and educational material
  • High quality optional courses that draw on the expertise of individual faculty members
  • Student-tutors available for chemistry, physics and mathematics.
  • Use of data acquisition by computer and of computer simulations in physics laboratories
  • Wide use of word and data-processing software (Word, Excel, Maple)
  • Participation in Canada-wide contests in math and physics
  • Participation in national and international contests in math (the Canadian Open Mathematics Challenge, The American Mathematics Competition, the Mathematical Association of Quebec Contest, and the Euclid Mathematic Contest of the University of Waterloo
  • Participation in engineering-type contests such as Science on tourne
  • Guest Speakers


Science Program Goals

The Integrative Activity