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Welcome to the Lions' Den

"Our athletic programme provides a high standard of play and development for athletes committed to achieving their true potential.”
A part of Champlain Regional College, St. Lawrence is a public, English-language, post-secondary institution, offering its students pre-university and technical college-level education. We foster the individual success of our students and their development as well rounded, responsible and informed citizens of the world.


  • Academic advising and support for students with special needs.
  • Math Workshop;
  • Chemistry and Physics tutorials;
  • Peer tutoring in English, Math, Chemistry, Physics and more;
  • English Writing Workshop;
  • Study Hall;
  • English Language Summer School;
  • NCAA, CIS liaison and SAT Testing Center;
  • SAT resources available;
  • Student-Athlete Contract and Success Policy;


  • State-of-the-art Fitness Center;
  • Year round conditioning program;
  • Certified coaches on location;
  • Qualified medical staff;
  • Competitive venues at national, provincial;
  • and regional levels in cross-country running, hockey, basketball, volleyball, rugby, golf, baseball and soccer.

Our Athletic Program :

  • Gives our student-athletes with the opportunity to reach their potential in both academic and athletic realms in college and at university;
  • Provides personalized fitness programs and detailed progress analysis at the elite level;
  • Strives for excellence through its high standard of preparation and development;
  • Promotes respect among all participants; and fosters a sense of collaboration, belonging, tradition and Lions pride.

We Offer :

  • Quality education in a personalized environment;
  • Pre-university programs in Creative Arts, Literature and Languages, Social Sciences and Sciences;
  • The P.W. Sims Business Program (Accounting and Management Option), with its DEC-BAC options with both Université Laval and Bishop’s University


Christian Brosseau
Coordinator of Student Activities
Tel.: 418 656-6921, ext. 236